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We strive to understand your needs better than anyone else and are proud to develop products and services using our real world emergency services experiences, industry-focused knowledge and education-focused values.

"I think that we've made a big difference in the safety of our personnel by working with VFIS."
Chief Randy O'Donnell, Vigilant Hose Company #1, Shippensburg Fire Department
"One thing I love now when I teach driver training courses, a lot of our clients don't refer to our emergency driver training as "EVDT". They refer to it as VFIS...that, to me, says it all. They think that we're not just offering an insurance policy, we're helping them keep each other safe, and that's an awesome responsibility."
Wiatt Wong, VFIS of Arizona
"When I think of how VFIS has impacted training—VFIS was doing risk management before risk management was cool. Thinking back in my 30-some years of dealing with VFIS, it was just something that they did."
Mark Light, International Association of Fire Chiefs
"Without VFIS, there are a whole bunch of things that the fire service would not have now. Benefits, training, equipment. The influence and the work that they do—not in insurance—but in the other areas, makes a huge difference."
Cloyce Anders, VFIS of North Carolina

Education, training + consulting services

Our Education, Training and Consulting Team, also known as "ETC", is proud to offer our clients quality and innovative education and training programs—at little or no cost—including instructor-led programs (like our gold-standard EVDT), train-the-trainer opportunities, online university and resources to help you host trainings at your own facility. These programs are designed specifically for emergency responders and are primarily focused on national standards for risk management, skill enhancement and industry knowledge.

To put it simply, we're here to serve as an additional training arm for your organization and make it easy for your leaders and instructors to find educational opportunities to help keep everyone safe and informed about the latest best practices, equipment recommendations and operation-focused techniques. If you're emphasizing training and continued education in your organization and you'd like to learn more about how you can utilize our valued-added offerings—please reach out, we'd love to chat!

In addition to our standard educational programs, we also have in-house specialists and a team of dedicated consultants who are available to provide customized solutions based on your individual needs. Let us know if you'd like to discuss a project, get a quote and learn more.

Risk solutions services

Our Client Risk Solutions team specializes in understanding the risks that emergency service organizations face, providing you with resources (like specialized bulletins and podcasts) to help you address your everyday challenges and unique hazards and evaluating your existing practices to see how we can help you increase your safety efforts even further.

We'd love the opportunity to visit your facility, talk about your operations—like your vehicle policies, property management techniques and possible liability risks—and share some best practices that we've seen work for other organizations across the country.

We recognize that there can be some stereotypes that come with being in the "risk management" sector and we want you to know that we strive to make our visits feel like you're having coffee with a friend from a neighboring emergency services agency... and nothing like inspector visits. Because at the end of the day, your well-being means everything to us—and we're truly here to help.